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Orpheé Noir is an all-inclusive news periodical that seeks to reach the Black Community at UVA and the broader Black Community locally, regionally, and nationally.



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What is inside Orpheé Noir?

Getting at the heart and soul of the Black Experience.
Filling the Void since Fall 2015

In the tradition of Black Newspapers, Orphée Noir, has emerged as a necessary voice of the Black Community at UVA and beyond. It is particularly important right now! Over the next few months, this periodical will be shaped by students to represent their experience in a unique and fitting way. The hope is to capture what it means to be Black on grounds and to consider this meaning within the larger context of Blackness.


    Opinion articles, Newspaper Editorials, Letters to the Editor on related issues of the day

  • News

    Current Events that shape the experiences of our community locally, as well as, across the globe.

  • Lifestyle & Literary

    Offers in-depth interviews with people who make a difference in our community and media that shapes our experience.

  • Sports, Alumni, and Trending stories

    Covering sports, providing updates from the Alumni experience, and life at UVA.

Editorial Staff of Orpheé NoIr

Alexander Adames
Alexander Adames
Student Editor-in-Chief
Orphée Noir provides a space where I can discuss issues beyond a surface-level and direct the discussion to an audience already cognizant of certain cultural issues. On account of that, I hope that it will enable me to foster deeper dialogue around these cultural affairs.
Myliyah Hanna
Myliyah Hanna
Orphée Noir combines two of the most important subjects I am passionate about: race and writing. As a part of this newspaper, I am able to highlight aspects of U.Va’s racial culture that many may not know about.
Brandon Brooks
Brandon Brooks
Opinion Editor
Orphée Noir is a great opportunity to draw attention to the accomplishments of black students around grounds, and highlight issues affecting the black student body.
Sydney Edmonds
Sydney Edmonds
Lifestyle Co-Editor
Orphée Noir is not only about the black students, but it is also a way to reach out to the black community as a whole and I love being able to be apart of that message that is going towards the community.
Brianna Hamblin
Brianna Hamblin
News Editor
I believe that having a central publication for the Black community at UVa gives us a sense of unity that is needed at this predominately white institution.
Michael Gerard Mason
Michael Gerard Mason
LPJ Black Cultural Center, Director



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