Hoos to Watch: Captain Dante Kavan Earle

Captain Dante Kavan Earle, 21st Airlift Squadron C-17 Instructor Pilot The University of Virginia represented a period of my life replete with challenge. Like many students, I viewed college as an opportunity to redefine myself, and frequently so. Every semester I was either joining a new club, pining over a new love interest, or strategizing[…]

HOOS To Watch: Ms. Iman G. Lyons, Law Student

Ms. Iman G. Lyons The George Washington University Law School, J.D. Candidate ’18 University of Virginia, ’11 Questions: What was a highlight of your University experience? Hardship? The highlight of my University expe- rience was playing in active role in stu- dent self governance.  From ROTC to Residence Life I had so many great ex-[…]

Underground: Underrated or Overrated?

By: Dibora Haile         Underground is a new show created by Misha Green and Joe Pokaski, and produced by the likes of John Legend, Mike Jackson and several other big names. With such dynamic and creative contributors, Underground has created high expectations from its onset. Yet, it falls short of one’s expectation. Stories of slavery[…]

So What Was Kendrick’s Grammy Performance About?

By Dibora Haile, Lifestyle Contributor Last February’s Black History Month was definitely one for the books. In the wake of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl show, Kendrick Lamar brought the 2016 Grammy Awards an equally unapologetically pro-Black piece. It was described as “the best performance in Grammy History” and words like “inspiring” and “powerful” were thrown around[…]

Donald Trump’s Success Makes Black Millennials Lose Trust in America

By Brianna Hamblin News Editor When Donald Trump launched his Presidential campaign in June 2015, many people had a good laugh, rolled their eyes, and brushed off the possibility of Trump being our next president.  Before Trump officially announced his campaign he told reporters, “I am going to surprise a lot of people.”  Now, in[…]