Colorism in Black America

Skin color is a potent factor of the criteria of social perception shaped by American society. Observing one’s physical appearance is normal behavior, as it can reveal a story immersed in unique cultures and ethnicities. Nevertheless, social constructs, such as race, have been impediments that disregard human diversity. With racism as a form of oppression,[…]

Culture Shock

By Myliyah Hanna Congratulations! It is my pleasure to admit you into a predominantly white institution! Since the creation of this outstanding university, a plethora of students have attended and left their mark on the classrooms, on peers and future colleagues. As you join us now, you may experience a feeling of success and pride[…]

In the Era of the Black Woman

By Myliyah Hanna After the premiere of Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade” on HBO and the release of the same titled album on Tidal, every social media outlet was ablaze with the emotional range displayed in her visuals and songs. Having featured several prominent Black figures, from Serena Williams to Winnie Harlow, the visual album is[…]