Being Colorblind in America

By Sydney Edmonds

Lifestyle- Co-Editor

For decades, we, as black people, have fought for equal rights and our chance to have a strong
privilege in this society. In the media, we encounter many things that add to the stereotypes of young blacks and the reputation we have willingly garnered. Erasing these stereotypes and acknowledging each black student for who they are is ideal but may not be completely possible in the diverse and judgmental society. Now, in today’s society, more than ever, it is important to strive for what we want and declare our success from the beginning. By declaring our success, we immediately put ourselves in a positive mental zone that furthers our motivation to keep going strong and achieve the dreams that we have looked forward to for so long.

Of course, it is important to be “colorblind” and not to judge others based on the color of their skin We should, however, be proud and acknowledge our skin. Being a young black student in America is a powerful privilege. We have a greater chance than most to eliminate these strong stereotypes and become something bigger than others may expect. I think this privilege is overlooked sometimes because we focus on the negative views that society associates with us. In the future, however, we should look forward to these opportunities and look at the positive effects and importance of being able to show our true selves and how we can make a big difference just like anyone else. It is our job to eliminate these stereotypes and embrace being young, gifted, and black in America.