Why a Double Major Saved My Life

Sydney Edmondsby Sydney Edmonds

Are you crazy? Aren’t you worried that you won’t have a life? These are the two questions I get the most when I tell people I am a double major. Yes, pursuing a double major demands a lot of work and commitment; however, it does not consume all of your life. As a matter of fact, being a double major saved my life.

I came to college pursuing biology and wanted solely to be a biology major. I took a class in the art history department, “Early Christian and Byzantine Art”, my first semester of first year that opened my mind to learning and exploring new subjects that peaked my interest. As I talked more with my professor about subjects in the class and elaborated on our topics from class, I discovered that the art history major was something that I wanted to pursue along with biology.

Science is a tedious subject, which is probably not a secret to anyone.  Art history, however, is my savior from the sciences. I love science and I find it interesting, but it can tire out my brain at times and wear me out from the constant processes, connections and formulas. Art history allows me to exercise my analytical mind and not pay so much attention to specific facts and rigorous processes. It also allows me to escape the complex and constantly changing subjects of biology, chemistry and lets me freely think and be creative.

Although I do love science and find it highly interesting and important, everyone needs a break sometimes and deserves the chance to discover other topics to help your brain rest. Having a double major can make your academic schedule busy, but it has advantages that allow you to have better insight on the relationship between different subjects. Pursuing a double major can be your chance to get the best of both worlds in two subjects you love.