Let’s Switch it Up

By Keyandra Morris Opinion Writer On September 15th, James E. Ryan, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, was announced to be the next president of the University.  It is definitely time for a new president. The question at hand: is this change in office going to be a continuation of the University’s previous[…]

DREAMers in Doubt

By Alysandra Worrell Staff Writer As President Trump begins taking the final steps to enforce the repeal of DACA indefinitely, there is a plethora of college students, specifically on UVA grounds, who will be adversely affected. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was established by President Obama during his first term in 2012. It allows[…]

Reverend Jesse Jackson’s Call for Change and Activism in Charlottesville

By Brianna Hamblin News Editor On September 14, Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke at Old Cabell Hall to discuss “healing and rebuilding” in Charlottesville, in the aftermath of the August 11th and 12th “Unite the Right” rally and counter protest. Reverend Jackson’s speech issued a call to action from everyone in the auditorium to register to[…]