Colorism in Black America

Skin color is a potent factor of the criteria of social perception shaped by American society. Observing one’s physical appearance is normal behavior, as it can reveal a story immersed in unique cultures and ethnicities. Nevertheless, social constructs, such as race, have been impediments that disregard human diversity. With racism as a form of oppression,[…]

Patriotic Knee

By: Rebecca Ndebee, Opinion Writer It is indeed true that if you can’t beat them, join them. Initiated by Colin Kaepernick before it became a mainstream act, taking a knee, highlighted in a Mercury News article, was a statement in protest of the insensible killing of Black people. Heartbroken by the consistent overexertion of force[…]

The Power of Representation: First Black Female Athletic Director Hired at the University

By Alysandra Worrell A few weeks ago, the University of Virginia made a change that significantly altered the landscape of representation on grounds by naming Carla Williams as their new athletic director. Representation of color and diversity has always been a struggle for minorities at the University. What does this mean for the future of[…]