Whatever Fell Asleep

By: Daniel Kwadwo

Thus, as the moon looked upon him, what option existed but for the lone fool to stare back? 

The people of his world had called and he had answered. All deals were met to the letter. All commandments were carried out without regret & most especially lacking in even the slightest semblance of hesitation. Each and every edict of the common neighbor was upheld as if the apex of divine law; to the way and nature constructed by the hands of the many he dwelled with, in the land that held his hearth, he was a zealous acolyte.

Few could ever hope to match him as a paragon of the virtues of the good citizen. 

Yet for where in the hands of the will crafted by the collective perspective of all those who know the same land as home, was his respite? A moment of repose he never asked for, but an understanding that had been yearned for in spite of that. 

A declaration unspoken by either party. Never doubted by him and never acknowledged by anyone else which stipulated, that by instilling in one the dogma of unflinching & absolute loyalty to the many, to the extent that each word and rule escaping their lips would be accepted as completely irrefutable at every conceivable basis, as if the very demands of God Almighty, in turn such a people would defend and protect the one who was their ardent representative. 

Never would the request for more escape his lips but because of that very fact, he would become the most sacrosanct of living treasures to the will of the people whose collective consciousness would become his idol. 

In spite of such a glorious contract’s supposed majesty, the hour was late and time was slipping away still. The air had abruptly turned from the fiery brimstone of summer to the chill of winter’s caress.  At this hour there had been each year he’d been alive himself, his sister, and his brother in all but blood to stand next to him under the blessing of the festival lights below, to enjoy the light of the blue moon which came only on this day, only at this time in winter.

Right now there was nothing but himself and the radiant glow of the cerulean moon gleaming from above. 

His brother had abandoned him in his torpor, while his sister had been taken away. Set drifting in a river called freedom and laughing at his hovel whose name you know too well. So now the moon gazed down, and only he up at it. He to ask the light of the moon of winter what he had done wrong, and the spirit nestled in the great stone gem of the night sky softly slumbering without the slightest hint of irritation. Dreaming of the fool below who knew not the simple truth of it all.

Whatever fell asleep in that man?