From Bones to Birth: The Spirit of Discovery (Chapter Four)

Daniel Kwadwo

“A baker! Oh, Pearhu sweet thing, you’re going to have your hands busy while you travel with us. You’re standing before the world’s premier glutton tonight my boy, you’ll not be sleeping a wink while your duties yet to be done.”

“If that duty is behind a stove I’ll give you a feast a king would gawk at.”

Hortensia laughed and brought the young man over, she wanted to hear more about Pearhu, she’d never seen a scion of a green dragon before, as none were anywhere close to Mangrath and they rarely dalianced with men. 

Jomcara sat next to Maudlin, and asked her about her clothes.

“Mmph, Mah? Sorry, I’m still a bit drowsy. My clothes are normal back in my hometown. It’s a mix between something called a Qipao and armor.”

“It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen design work mirroring it. We have work’s just as intricate back home but the actual designs are very different…if I mixed some of these designs with the stuff we have, I could make a fortune!”

Maudlin blinked. “Are you someone who makes outfits? I apologize if that is your profession, I suspected you to be a warrior primarily instead; you are a man who has shed blood.”

“Both. I am a cloth weaver in my spare time, but I am a soldier of my country Mangrath as well. My way is also that of a mage, I am a benandanti.”

“Never have I heard that word.”

“We are spellweaver’s. One’s who keep the lands safe from dark magi who afflict the harvest with black curses, spread dread and attacks ceaseless on the good folk of the land while aiding the sick minded and cruel.”

“You’ll have to tell me about that more later, but, I fear now’s the time to ask: where might we be going? There are near no lands Pearhu and I cannot enter, but if we need to prepare for something, it would behoove you to tell us.”

Jomcara told her they would be going to the county of Saun. There, he would begin his apprenticeship under a mage who would teach him about history and his own magic. As well as put his skills in combat to good use fighting the monsters within Saun’s depths like many others. 

This was enough for Maudlin, and leaving his mother in the two’s care, Jomcara left to arrange his coach’s joinment to the caravan. By the end of the day, they had moved the coach to settle among the merchants and people there, and after two days of stocking up on supplies they left for Saun.