From Bones to Birth: A bit of color (Chapter Five)

Jomcara, Maudlin, and Pearhu were all laying across the pillows scattered all around the inside of the large carriage, sleeping. Jomcara had asked a young boy to drive the cart while they slept through the night. One of Jomcara’s ears twitched in the dead of night. Completely soundless like a phantom he rose without stirring[…]

From Bones to Birth: The Spirit of Discovery (Chapter Four)

“A baker! Oh, Pearhu sweet thing, you’re going to have your hands busy while you travel with us. You’re standing before the world’s premier glutton tonight my boy, you’ll not be sleeping a wink while your duties yet to be done.” “If that duty is behind a stove I’ll give you a feast a king[…]

From Bones to Birth: Puzzle Piece (Chapter Two)

The town of Folhavanc was the most delightful place in the world by Jomcara’s estimation, and he wouldn’t stand that viewpoint being challenged.  He lived in a marvelous bright and well-decorated house, nearly as big as a mansion with all of the space and coziness he needed. Not to mention his mother lived there! Hortensia[…]

Whatever Fell Asleep

Thus, as the moon looked upon him, what option existed but for the lone fool to stare back?  The people of his world had called and he had answered. All deals were met to the letter. All commandments were carried out without regret & most especially lacking in even the slightest semblance of hesitation. Each[…]

Enigma & Contradiction

by December Murphy When you’ve seen the things I’ve seen, When you’ve heard the things I’ve heard, When you’ve felt the things I’ve felt, You will feel as worthless as I do. You will fear loving someone as I do.  You will yearn to be in a relationship and frightened by the thought of it;[…]