Monument Avenue: Rober E. Lee

Unsettling the Legacy of Monument Avenue’s Robert E. Lee Statue   

Figure 1. (The Chicago Reader. Monument Avenue’s Robert E. Lee Statue). Between 1890 and 1929, the City of Richmond erected five statues on Monument Avenue to commemorate Civil War-era Confederates. These individuals included Robert E. Lee (May 29th, 1890), J.E.B. Stuart (May 30th, 1907), Jefferson Davis (June 3rd, 1907), Stonewall Jackson (October 11th, 1919), and Matthew[…]

Joseph Bonjawo

Contextualizing the United States Government’s Legacy of Combating Infectious Diseases: Offering a Renewed Analysis of COVID-19 Susceptibility in the African American Population

Supposing that federal officials intend to enforce optimal COVID-19 countermeasures, they must address systemic complications such as resource denial, proximity of nutrition, continued unemployment, and racial discrepancies in frontline worker representation.

Contextualizing the United States Government’s Legacy of Combating Infectious Diseases: Examining the Marginalization of Formerly Enslaved Africans Amid the Smallpox Epidemic

In modern society, each individual possesses a presumed desire to achieve longevity. Unfortunately, however, such an aspiration may prove infeasible due to the existence of infectious diseases. In 2017, for instance, respiratory illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia were among the ten leading sources of mortality in the United States. Depending upon the prevalence of infection,[…]

The Concealed Reality of Incarceration

Updated November 19, 2020 According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term prison is defined as the following: a state of confinement or captivity, or an institution for the confinement of those convicted of serious crimes. This definition evokes an expectation that prisons promote stability and security. Inevitably, the vast majority of individuals would prefer for criminals[…]

The Conflicted Reality of African Americans at the Epicenter of UVA

Updated: November 19, 2020 The University of Virginia is considered to be one of the more prestigious academic institutions within the United States. The prestige is solidified by the University’s reputable undergraduate and graduate programs, its renowned professional schools (medical, law, and business), as well as its unique method of engaging student leaders (i.e., Honor System, University Judiciary System, and Student Council). However,[…]

Patriotic Knee

By: Rebecca Ndebee, Opinion Writer It is indeed true that if you can’t beat them, join them. Initiated by Colin Kaepernick before it became a mainstream act, taking a knee, highlighted in a Mercury News article, was a statement in protest of the insensible killing of Black people. Heartbroken by the consistent overexertion of force[…]

Let’s Switch it Up

By Keyandra Morris Opinion Writer On September 15th, James E. Ryan, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, was announced to be the next president of the University.  It is definitely time for a new president. The question at hand: is this change in office going to be a continuation of the University’s previous[…]