Monument Avenue: Rober E. Lee

Unsettling the Legacy of Monument Avenue’s Robert E. Lee Statue   

Figure 1. (The Chicago Reader. Monument Avenue’s Robert E. Lee Statue). Between 1890 and 1929, the City of Richmond erected five statues on Monument Avenue to commemorate Civil War-era Confederates. These individuals included Robert E. Lee (May 29th, 1890), J.E.B. Stuart (May 30th, 1907), Jefferson Davis (June 3rd, 1907), Stonewall Jackson (October 11th, 1919), and Matthew[…]

Trump and Alternative Facts

by Myliyah Hanna (Image source: We have been under the Trump presidency for almost two months now. Yet, before even a month ended the Trump presidency found itself in the face of scandal after scandal. He signed an executive order banning Muslims from seven Muslim-majority countries, as they have been deemed the areas creating so-called[…]